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Shadow Work

Facing the Darkness Within

  • 3 hours
  • 175 US dollars
  • phone or skype

Service Description

During a spiritual awakening, especially a sudden one, many will come face to face with dark entities in the dream state or in visions. These entities come to life and may haunt us through our own shadow or the more mysterious, darker aspects of our subconscious minds. The parts of us we suppress. This shadow can go to work on us in our waking life that can continue into our dream life in an attempt to demand itself known to the conscious waking self. This shadow is part of our "base plate imprint" or "template" that has anchored itself into the unconscious mind and has strong ties to our emotional woundings and attachments. At some point in all of our lives, a moment, or perhaps many moments, became galvanized in our being. This moment may continue to escape us yet holds essential secrets that are craving to be known. The shadow sustains these traumatic events within the emotional body, which resonates through the multiple layers of our consciousness, keeping us in cycles or patterns until they are excavated, uncovered, acknowledged, and addressed on a conscious level. Being able to accept, integrate, reframe, or clear this rejected aspect is an integral part of incorporating all elements of ourselves, allowing us to become whole. This gives us emotional stability so that we can continue on an honest path of self-exploration and spiritual discovery. This is a very powerful and deep session that involves a full Clarity Session, Dream Interpretation, and Shadow Work exercises, which I will work through with you. It is recommended you have a consultation before booking this session, as this type of work may bring up profound insights. A half-hour followup within a month of this session is included.

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