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Clarity Consultation

  • 1 hour
  • 85 US dollars
  • Over the Phone, Skype, Zoom (audio)

Service Description

This session is one hour long, which gives us enough time to delve deep into whatever issues are concerning you. Are you experiencing a spiritual or esoteric phenomenon? Do you feel as though no one cares, they don't understand, or they won't believe you? Having someone to talk to who understands can be validating and grounding when we realize we are not alone in this. We can talk about anything you want to gain deeper clarity on. Are you dealing with the fallout of a twin flame connection? Are you coming to the painful realization that the person you believed you would be in union with by now, might not happen after all? Are you feeling lost and confused about where to go from here? You might be in the midst of spiritual crisis due to a spontaneous kundalini energy awakening. You may suddenly begin channeling information from an unknown source, be receiving downloads, or begin experiencing alternate timelines, and multi-dimensional aspects of yourself. Perhaps you are suddenly connecting with "spirit guides" that may or may not be benevolent. Or are you having issues with entities? All of these things can be terrifying, isolating, and confusing experiences if we are unprepared to handle the energies and information that is coming in. I can assist you in gaining a new perspective, clarity, and understanding of your experience. Also, I will advise you on the most practical and long term solutions for you to regain balance, get grounded, reintegrate, and heal yourself. Please email me for booking availability.

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