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Twin Flames,Entities,and Dream Time Deception

"Polarity is often created within the unconscious through the twin, creating negative energy which fuels these entities."

Many people who identify as twin flames are experiencing intense dream time connections with their "twin." Often these connections are hidden or unconscious aspects of ourselves being manipulated by entities we create and give life to with our unconscious mind.

These entities go by many names, Archons, Wetiko, incubus, succubus, the Jinn, demons, spirit spouses, and "alien love bite" just to name a few.

These entities often latch onto the dark or hidden aspects of our unconscious mind, the aspects of ourselves even we are unaware of. It's as if they know us better then we know ourselves, and they use this to their advantage.

Sometimes it can feel your life, and your dreams are scripted, and you are being played like a character in a video game, or a movie. Spellbound by the reflection of these projected illusions, rooted deep in our unconscious, we become involved with the "story" and the emotional aspects of the other (known as the "twin flame.")

Polarity is often created within the unconscious through the twin, creating negative energy which fuels these entities. Tapping into deep unconscious desires, emotional wounds, and hidden fears, playing them back to us in a feedback loop creating an ever dangling carrot on a stick, in the form of "virtual future timelines." These timelines often depict a blissful dream life with the twin flame yoyo-ing you back and forth with intense emotional highs and soul-crushing lows.

Empty promises that, "All of this, will soon be yours!" IF and only IF, you "Do the work!" Things such as do "the clearing, purging fear, past karma, clearing timelines," so on and so forth.

This is done to keep you in a constant game of cat and mouse. You continue chasing so-called "enlightenment" in the hope of being rewarded at the end with "the perfect love"not realizing you are being distracted and pushed further off your path.

These virtual realities you end up playing out in dream time, or even in the physical 3D reality during a manufactured timeline shift by these entities, may appear so real you believe it is destined to happen.

Waiting and striving for that potential future, believing you are coming into spiritual alignment with what is heavily being promoted by the new age as, the 5D, or the "new earth timeline."

Evidence you are currently coming into alignment with your higher self, timelines and your spiritual awakening is further promoted by the concept of seeing repeating number patterns such as 11:11, 333, 44, and many more. Some refer to these as "angel numbers" that are being sent to them by spirit guides or angels. Others believe these numbers are activating their DNA and upgrading their conscious awareness.

Many people get sucked in and begin dabbling in the occult at this point, making matters worse while striving to develop psychic abilities or "manifest" the illusion being played out for them while attempting to shift their consciousness to gain these external rewards.

Deeper into the rabbit hole they go. Frustrated and full of anxiety, spending money they don't have on all manner of gadgets, crystals, trinkets, and potions to "raise their vibration" and protect them from dark forces.

Clutching onto tarot card readings, energy updates, and psychics for all the answers as to what is going on within them and their twin flame.

Obsessing over questions like "When are they going to leave their karmic partner, so we can finally be in a physical union and raise the vibration of the planet with our love?"

Meanwhile, precious time which can never be recovered, and life force energy is being robbed away as you wait for the dreams being projected into the unconscious mind to become a reality. You remain entranced by your own subconscious beliefs being played out through your unconscious mind by this entity.

Neglecting yourself, your own needs, your finances, and personal growth while focusing on coming into union. The twin flame cult tricks you into believing you are making spiritual progress, as it pulls you further and further from the present moment, which is all there really is.

It then places your focus onto a pending relationship, somewhere in the future.

This is not a spiritual concept; in fact, it is the complete opposite of a spiritual concept.

You become enveloped in the egoic, isolating, and disjointed parts of your own unconscious mind, which isolates and removes you from engaging in the present moment and in life, as you attempt to control a future outcome.

Again, not a very spiritual concept.

You end up playing the role created for you by these entities, believing it is you, and this is your destiny.

This keeps you in a cycle, a sad endless loop of pain, desire, and longing.

This is the energetic fuel needed by them to program and keep you trapped.

Realizing you are in this false programmed belief system and making the conscious decision to make a strong and determined break from it, is the first step toward freedom.

Only when you dare have the courage to stand in your sovereignty, and admit you have been fooled can you begin to break free.

All is not lost, though, as this experience has given you a unique perspective of the unconscious wounding many humans possess. This can serve as a catalyst for true spiritual awakening as you take brave steps forward and redirect the focus where it belongs, on yourself, and on healing the unconscious, emotional and childhood wounding that took place which makes many susceptible to these kinds of experiences in the first place. You are not alone in this.

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