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The Dark Truth of the Light Language Hoax

#lightlanguage #starseed #twinflamecult

It was akin to earning your first pair of wings. "Is this a thing?" I started to question my own woke-ness at this point.

Light language. It's the CBD oil of spirituality. Apparently, this stuff can cure all of your emotional and spiritual woes. Just like CBD oil can cure everything from earaches, anxiety, and gout. Light language can cure everything from childhood wounding, emotional blocks, to past life trauma. This is a huge red flag.

What this actually is, is yet another program of the matrix. The purpose of this program is to herd and corral the masses; the soulless, the NPC's, or backdrop people. Whatever you choose to call them it does not matter, They go by many names, by different people, but the more of them, the merrier. As people get pulled into this program it creates a deafening sea of voices to drown out anybody who is actually waking up, has the potential to develop an ability, has something to say, is actually able to channel, or any rogue MK Ultras that may start tinkering around in their unconscious mind where they shouldn't be. As that is official "government property."

People find these group-cult programs, then relate and identify with them finding a strong sense of community and belonging. They then join this new age agenda of what seems like their own free will.

It's a distraction. Much like putting your kid in front of a TV as the babysitter. Meanwhile, you go off and do whatever. But the kid has to stay interested in what they are watching on the TV screen for that to work. And to be perfectly honest, when the new age/twin flame cult started jumping on board with this light language concept "en masse," is when this cult jumped the shark for me.

When I first found out about twin flame, I mean right at the very, very beginning of it. I found a guru who did daily updates. These updates had a sense of urgency to them, which made them seem extra important. She was the first one I found that I related to. She was connecting to "the ones" on the other side of the veil and kept us updated as to what was going on, and I felt very cut off from that side.

I mean I knew something was there, I believed I was involved with something on that side, but I couldn't access it "at-will" the way she claimed, she could. She described experiences similar to mine.

Like many others, I was hooked.

One day she burst on to YouTube with an important message with such an urgency in her voice, akin to that Orson Welles War of the Worlds radio show in 1938.

The one where everyone believed we were under attack by alien invaders and went into a panic, not realizing it was just a story.

She came on like, "Guys! Guys! The upgrades are coming in! Union is taking place. Mass union! My guides said this will happen for all twin flames! There will be a group on this date, and if that's not date, there is this other date. Union is imminent!" and she went on about some other really incredible shit that was about to go down. She then began to say that her light language came online. Now, I was still learning all the lingo, and I wasn't quite sure what that meant, because I was cut off from what I perceived as my soul group or monad at that point. I was in my own little microcosm of reality and the internet. Not realizing several online groups were springing up like mushrooms and starting to speak about this publicly at the time.

Now I am able to see this for what it was, a counter defensive move by the matrix control system. But at the time, I thought, "Omigod, this is incredible! I found my tribe! I'm going to be with my twin; the twin flame experiment is finally over. And we're all going to be living in peace, and harmony in another dimension in like, three months time. Yay!"

She then gave a sample of her newly upgraded gift after warning us it may be a bit shaky, so go easy on her. The reason it was going to be a bit shaky was that it was recently activated, and she had never done it publicly before. Well, this was this first I had ever heard of it, so I was on the bated breath at this point. What was this magic she spoke of? She then began babbling incoherently.

Now, this is where it got interesting. Apparently, this incoherent babbling was encoded with tones, and frequencies that were going to, remove blockages, bring things to the surface to be cleared, heal my DNA, which I didn't even realize was broken. Clear my karma and my skin. Raise my vibrational frequency to bring me into alignment with the correct timeline. As all the bad timelines were currently "being collapsed" by her and an army of "lightworkers." Which I secretly wanted to be a part of since I had been cut off from my team. I felt a bit useless just sitting there listening to these exciting updates while I just sat there doing a rather bland 9 to 5 job.

Now, I admit I WAS experiencing some bizarre things at the time, and I was thrilled to find someone else online speaking about it. But, I started to think to myself, "Wait, I think I heard this type of babbling before." it sounded, really, REALLY from my past familiar, but in this lifetime.

So, I did a little research on this phenomenon and realized what it was — another name for speaking in tounges, which made her lose all credibility to me.

The fact she believed this was just way too far fetched for me.

This, from someone who believes interdimensional time travel is possible, and we are living in a simulated reality. Light language? That is where I drew the line. So I stopped watching her, and I moved on to other gurus I "resonated" with.

But, it didn't end there. Still not in "union" I noticed more and more of the people I was watching on YouTube over the next year or two, started eventually channeling light language. Random people were beginning to post videos of themselves doing light language from their bedrooms, home offices, and kitchens. So many people were doing it and getting amazing benefits after having this gift activated and making claims about all the miraculous things that began to happen in their life after they "started channeling" light language. It was akin to earning your first pair of wings.

"Is this a thing?" I started to question my own woke-ness at this point. "Why is everyone doing this?"

One day my favorite, energy update/reader I was listening to at the time, came on and said in her dreamy, calm voice."After this next new moon, there is an incoming wave of energy, a portal is opening, and many of you may start to get the urge to do light language, depending on where you are on your journey. I just recently started channeling light language myself."

I thought, "Wait! What?"

I was watching this program spread and infect the twin flame collective like the stomach flu in a kindergarten classroom.

I remember growing up seeing these spiritual or religious "healers" on television." We called them televangelist. They have been debunked so frequently, but I'm sure they still exist. They were entertaining, but I knew they were crooks even as a child.

A very charismatic man in a stadium filled with tens of thousands of people would whip the crowd up into a "group-think" frenzy after the holy spirit entered him. He usually would bring someone on stage who needed some type of healing and would begin babbling incoherently. This babbling was evidence he was now gifted with the power of Jesus, and the holy spirit was working through him. He would then ask the person if they were ready to receive the holy spirit into them. Then, he would babble some more, and lay his hands on their forehead, which would send them into convulsions, then knock them out as the spirit entered their body. (Shaktipat is very similar.) They were presumably healed, as they were dragged off the stage by assistants. Semiconscious, believing they had just been delivered, redeemed and healed by Jesus Christ himself. While what happened is they got taken by a very crafty, not to mention a now very wealthy stage hypnotist. A 1800 number was predominately running at the bottom of the TV screen. Operators were standing by to accept your donations.

Light language is the same thing for people who aren't into Jesus, Christianity, or other so-called "organized religions." The new age took this absurd charlatan practice and rebranded it.

Can you blame them, though? It just makes good business sense now, doesn't it??

Making people pay money for weekend retreats to become enlightened through another person? This sounds like an excellent, albeit predatory get-rich-quick business strategy to me. SMH

This form of stage hypnosis works because it causes a pattern interrupt in the conscious mind, which then alters our state of consciousness. It's not magic. It's not spiritual. It's mind control. Plain and simple.

While in this altered state of consciousness, your conscious mind or your thinking mind searches for meaning in this incoherent babbling. Being in a crowd or group whether, in person or online, especially a large group, there is collective energy created. We look to others as to how we should behave and respond or what we should be thinking in these situations. This is all taking place on an unconscious level. Which makes people more likely to get sucked in, having no understanding or even a concept of how their unconscious mind is being worked on by these cult leader/ entertainers. Those who believe they cannot be influenced unconsciously because they are too smart for that are usually the easiest to manipulate and control.

Convinced the delusions projected onto them by wanting to be a part of this light language group, people are convinced they either had a spiritual experience or witnessed one. This is really dark shit. When the masses believe they have been enlighted, and now feel it is their star-seeded duty to go out and "enlighten others," with their delusional thinking. This is not okay.

I am not saying these people are "evil." What I am saying, is they are uninformed and misguided. They have been infected with a virus program or influenced to behave a certain way and spread it to others. To create a collective mind control system that entraps and ensnares specific groups of people like insects in a glue trap. Ironically these people will claim to reject organized religion because it's a form of mind control. Unable to see they themselves are in an organized mind control cult.

So, Where does this light language practice originate? It has it roots in a frequently a misinterpreted biblical story to fit an agenda. Based on the Tower of Babel, Genesis 11:1-9, the people decide they were going to be like God, and they would build a tower so high it would reach God. As legend has it, God chose to punish the people by striking them with incomprehension when they spoke to one another and spread them out across the globe. This is where all the different languages came from.

If they DID attempt to speak, it sounded like "babble" and nobody could understand what was being communicated to one another.

However, some were gifted with the ability to speak in tongues. This was gifted to them as God saw fit, and to do his work by spreading the "word of God" or as the new age calls it "love and light."

Except to TRULY be speaking in tongues it must be an UNKNOWN language to the speaker, that is a KNOWN language that can be interpreted here on planet earth.

So, this nonsense where people are charging money to send you custom audio of them babbling to you. Making claims, this bypasses the conscious mind and speaks directly to your unconscious mind. Which is connected to your oversoul, and therefore, this ancient language is intuitively understood by the oversoul because it is "encoded in your ancient DNA." I highly recommend you question this persons ego and their business model.

And if you are doing light language as a way to assist you in inducing trance, or a relaxed meditative state or it helps you to release trauma because of the mind-body connection, much the way dynamic meditation does, that's great. That's fine. But please understand that's all it is. You aren't channeling. And don't pay someone else to do it for you. That won't work, you must do it for yourself. Your money is better spent on a yoga class, therapy a meditation class, a gym membership, an audiobook about self-improvement. It's would even be better spent on a pair of new shoes.

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