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Welcome to  discovering your multidimensional self

navigating multidimensional living

while living in a 3d reality

During the process of our soul's evolution, many people will begin to experience, strange and supernatural phenomenon; that they do not understand. This unique experience can feel very isolating, and some may start to question their own mind as they have difficulty grasping and explaining to others who cannot even begin to comprehend  what they are experiencing. 



 What's happening to me?



During the process of coming into higher states of conscious awareness, you may find yourself searching for answers not yet realizing you have been initiated into a spiritual awakening. Much like a "hero's journey," you will come face to face with many obstacles, tricksters, cons, teachers, gurus, and some very well-meaning people. Some will distract and attempt push you off your path, and others will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, assisting you in shedding the ego, which allows you to drop all false belief systems you have acquired and held in place with your unconscious mind. You may have protected and defended these beliefs, as they gave you comfort and stability in the past.  However, once these belief systems begin to crumble, they become difficult to salvage and continue to hold onto after you have had a glimpse of the truth. The peek behind the veil of reality and realize the divine spark within you. This spark is your inner star and it will serve as a guiding light, providing you with the courage to face your fears and light the fire within, allowing you to discover a deep sense of purpose, passion, and authentic spiritual, emotional, physical as well as mental freedom. No more clutching onto false dogmas, gurus, spirit guides, and spiritual trinkets. You don't need crystals, sage or to become a psychic in order to ascend spiritually.  In fact, letting go of striving for these things and shedding all that no longer serves you, realizing you are a free and sovereign being, and you had everything you needed all along is the way.


entering into a dream
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Gain a Deeper Understanding About Your Multidimensional being

timelines and the matrix

Freeing yourself from and exploring the many aspects of the matrix both in the physical 3d reality and in the higher realms of existence, while traveling out of body in the astral realms and in the dream state.

ascension symptoms

Coming into higher states of conscious awareness is known as the "ascension process." This process can be initiated by a sudden kundalini awakening.

It can be daunting, confusing and at times frightening to navigate. 

Latent psychic abilities can become activated,  A strong telepathic connection with another person often referred to as a  "twin flame" may develop, lucid dreams and out of body experiences may increase, contact with interdimensional beings and an awareness of one's higher self are all part of the natural evolution of the soul.

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